North Meck Rugby Club Sponsors


North Meck Rugby is funded 100% by players' nominal dues and club fundraisers.  We are looking for companies and individuals to make rugby a possibility for as many high school players as possible.

Please click on the document for a copy of our Sponsorship Letter.

We have 4 sponsorship Levels for both Companies and Individuals.

Companies      Individuals

                Ex Unitate, Vires:


            $1500          $300


            $1000            $200               


            $1000            $200


           $500              $100

If you would like to partner with us, please contact Marybeth Balsamo, NMRC Booster Club Member and Sponsorship Chairman at:

Sponsorship Letter:



Ex Unitate, Vires


Haskell's Hardware Inc.

(Matthew Balsamo)


Haskell's Hardware Inc. is a premium specialty hardware provider for residential and commercial requirements.  Visit us at:



If you don't like to exercise at home because you're not sure if you're doing the moves correctly, CKO of Charlotte knows just what you need. At our kickboxing gym, we have personal trainers who will show you how to do each move before the class begins so that you can perform the kicks and punches correctly for better results. You won't be kicking and punching air, either; you'll have your own heavy hanging bag.

Our instructors provide instruction and supervision during every class to keep you motivated and lead the way to achieving your goals. You can be sure that you're getting a great whole-body workout that combines a complete range of exercise benefits: cardio, strength, flexibility, agility.

Dylan Brooks Scholarship

Marcos Hernandez Scholarship


Ex Unitate, Vires

Francis and Marybeth (Matthew Balsamo)

Steve and Mary Butzine (Connor Butzine)

Dylan Brooks Scholarship

Marcos Hernandez Scholarship

Tuition Sponsorship

Mark and Raina Cook

Harriet Regen